Arturo Partners with High-Precision Stratospheric Imagery Provider Urban Sky

The agreement enables Arturo to expand its collection of aerial imagery through the addition of Urban Sky’s high-frequency, high-precision stratospheric photos.

(Image source: Urban Sky.)

Arturo, an AI-powered platform that derives property insights and predictive analytics from aerial and satellite imagery, has signed a partnership agreement with Urban Sky (Denver) to incorporate that company’s stratospheric photos into Arturo’s database of property images. Through the partnership, Arturo says it will be able to provide more accurate analysis to its insurance customers in the United States, especially in suburban and rural areas.

John-Isaac Clark, CEO, Arturo.

“For insurance companies, precise and high-frequency property data is critical to making smart decisions that can effectively mitigate risk,” comments John-Isaac “jC” Clark, CEO, Arturo. “Our machine learning technology excels at identifying property conditions and characteristics and predicting issues, but our ability to provide the greatest value is dependent on access to high-quality, on-demand imagery. By adding Urban Sky to our network of image providers, we are once again heightening the level of accuracy and insights for our clients.”

Urban Sky’s Microballoon captures broad area, high-resolution imagery from up to 60,000 feet above sea level using technology that is far more cost-effective than traditional aerial photography. As a result of its partnership with Urban Sky, Arturo expects to increase the frequency of its image collection, which will lead to better service for the insured in markets across North America.

Gold Standard for Property Insurance

Andrew Antonio, CEO, Urban Sky.

“Arturo is the leading player in property imaging analytics, and we’re excited to have them as our first commercial partner,” asserts Andrew Antonio, CEO, Urban Sky. “The stratosphere provides a unique vantage point from which to collect high-resolution imaging at a low cost, made possible by our reusable Microballoon. As we look toward the future, we see stratospheric imagery as the gold standard for property insurance, and other sectors that rely on high-quality, frequent property images.”

Initially developed from more than three years of research by American Family Insurance (Madison, Wisc.), Arturo uses machine learning to translate satellite, stratospheric, aerial and ground imagery from multiple sources into data points that are then used to identify a wide range of property characteristics relevant to global insurance carriers, such as roof condition, tree coverage, structural materials, fire risk and other exterior attributeArturo Insurance underwriters, actuaries, risk consultants, pricing professionals and claims experts rely on Arturo to streamline manual, paper-based, and in-person processes; more accurately quote, underwrite and price out policies; and free up staff time to process more claims in less time.

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