Artificial Intelligence in the Insurance Value Chain: A Conversation with Ajira AI

IIR talks with Sandeep Mehta and his colleagues at Ajira AI, about how artificial intelligence has reached pioneering phase in the insurance industry, where carriers are striking out to find ways of introducing the technology to improve processes and gain new efficiencies.

(Image credit: Gerd Altmann.)

Artificial intelligence is hotter than ever in insurance because the industry reached a point where viable AI-based solutions are now being deployed successfully. It’s hard to overestimate the long-term potential of AI—some commentators characterize the technology as bringing nothing less than the second industrial revolution. Adoption of AI is still in a pioneering stage within the insurance industry, where carriers are finding areas of opportunity to address systems discontinuities and introduce new efficiencies.

Sandeep Mehta, CEO, Ajira AI.

In this podcast, Insurance Innovation Reporter’s Executive Editor Anthony O’Donnell speaks with Sandeep Mehta, CEO of Ajira AI, a startup that creates smart, artificial intelligence-powered applications for the insurance industry. Also joining the conversation are Pratish Pillay, Ajira AI’s Chief Technology Officer, and Brian Bogel, the company’s Chief Business Development Officer.

The conversation begins with a review of the status of AI in the insurance industry and includes the following topics:

  • Parts of the insurance value chain where AI can be applied.
  • How AI has been applied in insurance and what the emerging opportunities are.
  • Opportunities of AI within workers’ compensation and other commercial lines of business
  • The potential of AI over the next three to five years, and how might it combine with other technologies do deliver new value propositions.