APEXA Integrates eSignLive into Canadian Market Life Insurance Onboarding Solution

The addition of eSignLive e-signatures enables a complete digital process, adding efficiency and accuracy to the advisor contracting process.

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APEXA (Toronto) has partnered with eSignLive (Montreal) to integrate the e-signature capabilities into its cloud-based platform for Canada market life advisor onboarding, contracting and compliance.

Tonya Blackmore, CEO, APEXA.

Tonya Blackmore, CEO, APEXA.

A joint statement describes the APEXA platform as bringing higher standardization, clarity, timeliness and efficiency to contracting and compliance for all insurance industry stakeholders, providing each company the platform to share licensing and compliance as part of a systematic industry-approved national web-based solution. APEXA built its platform with input from various leading carrier and MGA organizations in the Canadian life insurance industry, according to the statement. APEXA undertook a comparison process that pitted eSignLive against other providers to gauge what best met the needs of the vendor and its partners.

Deep Insurance Industry Expertise

“eSignLive was chosen because of its tamper-evident security, auditability, seamless integration, easy user experience and data residency in Canada—these differentiators will help APEXA deliver on its vision and mission to our customers,” comments Tonya Blackmore, CEO, APEXA. “eSignLive also brings deep insurance industry expertise and thorough regulatory knowledge that helps ensure APEXA’s e-contracting capabilities will stay compliant.”

Tommy Petrogiannis, President, eSignLive.

Tommy Petrogiannis, President, eSignLive.

APEXA can integrate into existing agency management systems, the joint statement asserts. For advisors, APEXA facilitates the storage of all licensing, compliance and renewal information in one place, reducing or eliminating multiple requests for credentials and letting advisors focus on serving the customer rather than on administrative tasks. For carriers and MGAs, APEXA’s addition of eSignLive e-signatures adds efficiency and accuracy to the advisor contracting process, and eases the onboarding of advisors, the vendors say.

“The integration of eSignLive into APEXA’s licensing and compliance system creates an industry first for the Canadian insurance market, and helps to provide a completely digital experience to all areas of the ecosystem, improving everyone’s experience and compliance to unify the industry,” comments Tommy Petrogiannis, president, eSignLive.

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