Amica Partners with iPipeline on Digital Transformation

The partners will create an end-to-end DTC experience designed to speed and ease the purchase of life insurance in a fully digital environment. 

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Amica Life Insurance Company, a national provider of life and annuity insurance products and a subsidiary of Amica Mutual Insurance Company (Lincoln, R.I.), had embarked on a relationship with iPipeline (Exton, Pa.) as part of a digital transformation project.  The partnership is aimed at creating an end-to-end direct-to-consumer (DTC) experience designed to speed and ease the purchase of life insurance in a fully digital environment. The project features seamless integration of iPipeline’s Illustrations, iGO e-Application, and Resonant automated underwriting products with Amica’s policy administration system, according to a joint announcement.

Andy Mudra, VP, Amica.

“Our decision to partner with iPipeline aligns with our goal of enhancing the customer experience and improving internal processes through next-generation technologies that deliver operational improvements,” comments Andy Mudra, VP, Amica.  “Our customers have always been our top priority, and that relationship begins with the application process. We are committed to providing a seamless experience for all of our customers and applicants, regardless of how they choose to engage with us—be it online or directly with one of our sales representatives. Our life insurance application process must continue to evolve with the ever-changing needs of today’s consumers, and we are excited about launching this modern buying experience.”

DTC Emerging as Critical Component in Selling Mix

DTC is rapidly emerging as a critical component in any life insurance carrier’s selling mix, asserts Tim Wallace, CEO, iPipeline. “The Amica project represents a flagship opportunity for iPipeline to showcase how our integrated solutions can digitize and modernize the entire DTC buying process and deliver speed-to-market advantages,” Wallace says. “This implementation will streamline the consumer experience by reducing the number of steps required of them, while making Amica’s business processes and employees more efficient.”

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