Amica Deploys SAS for Fraud and Subrogation

The carrier sought a solution that could handle multiple business needs and fight fraud in a manner consistent with high standards of customer service.

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Amica Mutual Insurance Company (Lincoln, R.I.) has selected the SAS Fraud Framework (Cary, N.C.) for Insurance for its claims department to address fraud detection and subrogation.

“We chose SAS because they are a recognized leader in analytics,” comments Ray Zientara, Business Intelligence Manager in Amica’s claims executive department. “We also knew SAS had a complete analytics offering, not just a fraud solution. We were looking for a solution that could handle multiple business needs.”

Amica will deploy the new SAS capabilities first for fraud detection. One of the anticipated benefits is being better able to focus investigators on leads likely to yield results. “SAS’ social network link-analysis capabilities really stood out to me, because it’s something humans just can’t do,” Zientara says. “The software goes beyond individual claim or account views to analyze all related activities and relationships at a network level. That will help uncover suspicious activity we might not normally detect.”

Stuart Rose, Director of the SAS Global Insurance Practice.

Stuart Rose, Director of the SAS Global Insurance Practice.

After fraud, Amica will tackle subrogation, with a view to optimizing recognition of collectible claims. Amica’s underlying goal for both fraud detection and subrogation is providing better customer service, according to a SAS statement, because when claims are addressed more quickly and accurately, customer satisfaction will increase as well.

The Need for Speed

“Speed is essential in detecting fraud,” comments Stuart Rose, Director of the SAS Global Insurance Practice. “By selecting SAS Fraud Framework, Amica will be able to recognize suspicious activity faster than with traditional solutions, helping to further differentiate itself from competitors, achieve measurable ROI and enjoy intangible benefits like better customer satisfaction.”

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