American Integrity Insurance deploys Home Portal through ISCS’s SurePower Innovation

The sales portal allows Florida home insurance shoppers to obtain a quick and accurate online premium quote prior to purchasing a policy with an agent.

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American Integrity Insurance Group (Tampa, Fla.) has deployed a newly-developed home insurance sales portal through ISCS’s (San Jose, Calif.) SurePower Innovation. The sales portal allows Florida home insurance shoppers to obtain a quick and accurate online premium quote prior to purchasing a policy with an agent, according to an ICSC statement.

Victor Mandes, VP and Head of IT, American Integrity.

Victor Mandes, VP and Head of IT, American Integrity.

American Integrity provides a range of property insurance coverages specifically developed for the Florida market. The carrier sought a home insurance online quoting tool that balanced the need for a fast, accurate quote with a user-friendly platform, ISCS reports.  American Integrity required that the tool use back-end technology that would pre-populate data about the customer’s home to help ensure a fairly effortless experience and provide users with an accurate quote.  A final requirement was a seamless hand-off of the quote from online sales portal to the agent ultimately responsible for binding the policy.  ISCS says that it worked closely with American Integrity to provide exactly what the carrier was looking for, compatible with ISCS’s SurePower Innovation Suite. (To read about IIR’s reporting on the American Integrity/ISCS relationship, click here.)

Filling a Critical Gap in the Florida Insurance Market

“We recognized a critical gap in our market–Florida carriers tend to dictate the channels consumers must use in order to buy a home insurance policy,” comments Victor Mandes, VP, IT, American Integrity Insurance. “With the launch of our new technology, consumers can quickly and easily obtain an accurate quote, any time of day or night, and then select one of our local agents in order to bind their policy. Our goal is to provide Floridians with solutions and a user experience on par with what they would expect from a national carrier.”

Andy Scurto, president, ISCS.

Andy Scurto, president, ISCS.

American Integrity’s status as a current ISCS customer and SurePower Innovation user facilitated a smooth deployment free of any business interruption, ISCS reports. What the vendor characterizes as a smooth development process resulted in a platform that deployed in early May and has already been used by Florida home insurance customers to purchase policies.  Future planned developments include another template that will allow companies additional options to more closely match their marketing sites; providing additional configuration options around some of the features like the progress indicator, icons inside the app; as well as continuous usability testing to ensure that the app continues to meet user expectations across ISCS’s entire customer base, the vendor says.

“American Integrity is committed to making it as easy as possible for Florida consumers to price and purchase coverage,” comments Andy Scurto, president of ISCS. “Our partnership means we are as invested in this effort as American Integrity, and ISCS works hard to put cutting edge technology to work meeting their needs today and into the future.”

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