American Integrity Chooses Opterrix Risk Intelligence Platform for Exposure Management

The Platform provides American Integrity an extensive weather data library, visualizations, and an automated alert system to better facilitate efficient responses during extreme weather events.

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American Integrity Insurance Group, a Tampa, Fla.–based property insurance carrier, has announced a partnership with Opterrix, a provider of risk assessment and management to the property/casualty sector, to strengthen its underwriting processes and risk management strategies, according to vendor statement.

Ryan Hodges, VP, Risk Management, American Integrity.

To meet the evolving challenges of providing comprehensive property insurance coverage in a changing climate, American Integrity needed more robust tools to help better identify address-level and aggregated risks and limits, according to the statement. American Integrity also required access to real-time weather data for improved awareness and response to hurricanes and other extreme weather events, which Opterrix’s platform provides.

OpterrixRisk’s Intelligence platform enables American Integrity to visualize and quantify its entire portfolio and assess aggregate exposure by peril or geography, the vendor says. American Integrity will use Opterrix’s robust weather data library, visualizations, and automated alerting to monitor exposures and optimize response during extreme weather events.

Improved Day-to-Day Decision-Making

“American Integrity is excited about our new partnership with Opterrix.” Comments Ryan Hodges, VP, Risk Management, American Integrity. “The Opterrix platform will deliver enhanced weather data, improved data visualizations, and more robust aggregation monitoring capabilities in the short-term. Eventually, American Integrity also plans to leverage this functionality on the underwriting side of the business to aid in our real-time risk selection efforts. Our use of the Opterrix platform in a variety of multidisciplinary workstreams will allow American Integrity to improve day-to-day decision-making and further augment our growth and profitability strategies.”

Ben Zimmerman, CEO, Opterrix.

“We are thrilled to include American Integrity in our growing network of innovative insurers,” adds Ben Zimmerman, CEO, Opterrix. “Our suite of risk management tools and weather-related expertise aligns perfectly with American Integrity’s proactive risk management strategy and will help them grow profitably in a region of the US known for weather-related challenges.”

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