Allstate Roadside Service Collaborates with Waze to Help Stranded Drivers

Waze app users need not be Allstate policyholders or members of a roadside service to receive assistance through Allstate’s Good Hands Rescue service.

(Image source: Allstate.)

Allstate Roadside Services, a division of Allstate (Northbrook, Ill.) that rescues about four million motorists, including about two million Allstate customers annually, has announced a collaboration with Waze (Ra’anana, Israel) to provide roadside assistance to Waze users via Allstate’s Good Hands Rescue service.

Pam Dufour, President, Allstate Roadside Services.

Waze, a community-driven real time GPS navigation app acquired by Google in 2013, is used by motorists to find more efficient routes. Users—known as “Wazers”—also report breakdowns or cars stopped—a circumstance that alerted Waze and Allstate Road Services—a division of Allstate (Northbrook, Ill.) that rescues about four million motorists, including about two million Allstate customers annually—to the opportunity to serve an existing need.

The two companies are providing what an Allstate statement calls a connected, digital experience that makes requesting roadside help simple and easy. Through a few taps within the Waze app, users can digitally access roadside assistance from Allstate through its Good Hands Rescue service, according to Allstate. Once a rescue is requested, drivers can track the location of the tow or service provider from their smart phone and share this information with family and friends.

Alignment with Innovation and Technological Advances

“Working with Waze and being the exclusive roadside provider for its community of drivers aligns perfectly with our innovation and technological advances in the roadside assistance and rescue space,” comments Pam Dufour, president of Allstate Roadside Services. “We’re able to offer a fully digital product, supported by a crowdsourced group of service providers that is unique in the industry. It’s a perfect complement to Waze’s historical commitment to safety.”

Allstate reports that in 2017, Waze received more than 5.3 million monthly reports of cars stopped on the road and on the shoulder throughout the United States. Waze now enables users to make emergency calls and be connected with police, ambulances, or the fire department without ever having to leave the app. The companies’ collaboration now lets Wazers connect with 24/7 roadside services. Wazers need not be Allstate policyholders or members of a roadside program to use the Good Hands Rescue services. Through the collaboration, they are able to pay-per-use for the services. Services available through the collaboration include but are not llimited to towing, tire change, lockout, and jump starting a vehicle battery.

More Comprehensive Roadside Offering

“Waze is a community-driven app that does more than help everyone beat traffic—it also leverages the power of crowdsourced data to support drivers in times of need and distress,” comments Melissa King, senior account executive, Waze. “It is our goal to get everyone to their destination safely, and we’ve made our existing Roadside Help offerings even more comprehensive by offering all Wazers professional roadside assistance through our exclusive relationship with Allstate’s Good Hands Rescue service.”

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