Allstate Protection Plans Selects Synchronoss Personal Cloud

The solution gives insurers the ability to safeguard both devices and content, growing customer loyalty and fortifying customer relationships.

(Image source: SquareTrade website.)

Allstate Protection Plans, serviced by SquareTrade (San Francisco), an Allstate (Northbrook, Ill.) company, has selected Synchronoss Technologies, Inc.’s (Bridgewater, N.J.) Synchronoss Personal Cloud solution for integration into select device protection plan offerings. The addition of personal cloud will give global customers the ability to back up and manage their valuable digital assets—contacts, photos, videos, music, documents, messages and more—from any protected Android or iOS device.

Karl Wiley, President and CEO, Allstate Protections Plans.

“Mobile devices serve as repositories for our most personal data and important documents, and having the ability to safely and easily back up and secure this content is increasingly important to customers,” comments Jeff Miller, President and CEO, Synchronoss. “We look forward to collaborating with Allstate Protection Plans to help it take advantage of all that the Synchronoss Personal Cloud solution can bring to the table, including the flexibility to quickly add other value-added services.”

In addition to automatically backing up content based on subscriber preference, the Synchronoss-powered personal cloud gives device protection plan customers several ways to easily organize and interact with their content, including the following, by the vendor’s description:

  • Flashbacks, highlights and instant slideshows that present content in compelling and engaging formats
  • Photo editing and sharing features that allow users to enhance and share memories with friends and family

    Jeff Miller, President and CEO, Synchronoss.

Allstate Protection Plans are purchased by customers from a wide range of channels, including major retailers, global operators and directly from the company.

Adding personal cloud into its device protection bundles gives Allstate Protections Plans the capacity to protect the entire customer relationship, from devices to content, and will help increase customer satisfaction and build brand loyalty, according to Karl Wiley, President and CEO, Allstate Protections Plans. “As one of the leading protectors of mobile phones, laptops, tablets and other consumer electronics, we understand the critical role these devices maintain in our day-to-day lives,” he comments. “Adding the feature-rich capabilities of the Synchronoss Personal Cloud to select personal protection offerings means we are now able to safeguard a customer’s total mobile ecosystem. This enhanced capability means a more comprehensive relationship with our customers.”

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