Allstate Offers Pay-Per-Use Roadside Assistance to Lyft Drivers

The contract shows Allstate’s response to multiple industry trends, including the emergence of insurers as service providers and the implications of the sharing economy for auto insurance.

Lyft, a San Francisco-based rideshare company, has selected Allstate Roadside Services (ARS, Northbrook, Ill.) to provide 24/7 pay-per-use roadside assistance to its driver. Through the agreement, drivers will be able to contact Allstate for a tow, tire change, fuel delivery, lockout or battery jump. ARS, which Allstate has operated for more than 50 years, administers roadside assistance through Allstate Motor Club.

Jamie Bisker, Senior Analyst, Aite Group.

Jamie Bisker, Senior Analyst, Aite Group.

The contract represents the intersection of two trends—one declining, and one on the rise, according to Jamie Bisker, an analyst with Aite Group (Boston). “The waning trend is that of providing services as just an accoutrement of the insurance product,” he comments. “The new trend is for insurers to broaden their appeal as providers of new services in addition to—and even separate from—their traditional indemnity product.”

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Through the Lyft contract, Allstate is also demonstrating sensitivity to the business implications of the sharing economy and its potential impact on the auto insurance industry, Bisker adds.

In a comment about the Lyft contract ARS president Pam Dufour characterizes Allstate as being on the leading edge of product and service innovation, both in the insurance industry and beyond it. “Innovation is a critical element of our effort to provide a complete customer experience that emphasizes service, connectedness, safety, preparedness and security,” she says.

“We’re very excited and honored to be selected as Lyft’s new U.S. roadside assistance provider,” Dufour adds. “We’re committed to delivering exceptional service for all drivers of Lyft and their roadside assistance needs.”

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