Allianz Turkey Improves Server Performance by Half with Riverbed Technology

In order to handle the demands of rapid business growth on its corporate network, Allianz Turkey adopted Riverbed Technology’s SteelCentral performance management and control suite.


Allianz has deployed Riverbed Technology’s Riverbed SteelCentral performance management solutions in the insurer’s Turkey location to better analyze, diagnose and resolve performance issues in its corporate network, customer-facing applications and web interactions with customers. As a result of the SteelCentral deployment, Allianz Turkey has decreased its page load times by 51 percent, improved productivity and enhanced the customer experience.

Allianz’s Turkey operations required improved application and network performance to manage the company’s growth, according to Riverbed. The operation has has 2,500 employees, 12 regional offices and 3,700 agencies. Allianz’s Turkey operation enjoys a 15.8 percent market share in non-life insurance and 20 percent market share in the pension market as of the end of last year. Allianz Turkey supports its offices from two data centers.

Neval Bircaner, IT Governance Supervisor, Allianz Turkey.

Neval Bircaner, IT Governance Supervisor, Allianz Turkey.

“Whenever an application performance issue occurred, it was often difficult to pinpoint the root cause,” comments Neval Bircaner, Allianz Turkey IT governance supervisor. “It was hard to determine whether the application performance issues were due to the applications, the network or our database.”

“Long page load times and slow application speeds affected our productivity,” Bircaner adds. “We were also interested in ensuring that our external partners were satisfied with our systems.”

Allianz Turkey engaged its IT and communications technology consulting partner Nasa Bilgi İşlem to explore solutions. After what Riverbed characterizes as a brief search, Allianz Turkey selected five solutions within the SteelCentral portfolio: SteelCentral AppResponse to measure response times and availability; SteelCentral Transaction Analyzer to track transactions and troubleshoot problems; SteelCentral AppInternals to record and index all transactions; SteelCentral NetSensor to provide comprehensive device monitoring; and SteelCentral AppMapper to create dependency maps in real-time showing how infrastructure and application components are related.

“The SteelCentral solutions were quick to install, easy to integrate, provided the best dashboard and were fast at finding problems,” Bircaner says. “Following the deployment of SteelCentral solutions, our customers have seen a significant improvement in performance. Riverbed has made a positive impact for us by helping us to considerably improve the customer experience.”

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