Agero Debuts AI-Powered Mobile Telematics for Crash Detection, Response and Prevention

By replacing expensive embedded telematics systems with the consumer’s mobile phone, Driver360 enables crash services and driver behavior analysis to become a mainstream offering.

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Agero, Inc. (Medford, Mass.), a provider software-enabled driver assistance services for automotive manufacturers and insurers in North America, has announced Driver360, which the vendor describes as a holistic mobile solution that utilizes a smartphone’s native sensors to provide automatic crash detection, response and prevention, without the need for additional hardware. Agero says the Driver360 mobile software development kit (SDK) will be easily integrated into existing insurers’ and automotive manufacturers’ mobile apps. By replacing expensive embedded telematics systems with the consumer’s mobile phone, Agero says Driver360 enables crash services and driver behavior analysis to become a mainstream offering.

Jeffrey Blecher, SVP of Strategy, Agero.

Driver360 combines mobile telematics and machine learning algorithms to delivers what Agero calls a powerful and comprehensive mobile driver safety solution. The platform detects crashes and notifies Agero emergency contact centers in seconds, potentially shaving lifesaving minutes off emergency notification, while also enabling primary tows from the accident scene, according to the vendor. The solution’s functionality also includes driver scoring and coaching to help prevent crashes by helping drivers improve their driving behaviors. Driver360’s core Trip Capture engine tracks and reports trip-level information that also can be used by insurers and automotive manufacturers to deliver additional safety and convenience features for users, such as teen monitoring, speed alerts or intelligent maintenance reminders.

Driver360 has a variety of potential benefits to insurers, including greater policyholder retention and reduction of claims in terms of both frequency and severity, according to Jeff Blecher, Chief Strategy Officer, Agero. “Driver360 was built to deliver value to insurers by squarely addressing these obstacles, saving insurers time and money through first notice of loss [FNOL] and primary tow, empowering them to be there for their policyholder in their critical moment of need, and enhancing the appeal of their offer through concierge services and an attractive mobile platform,” he comments. “With Driver360, insurers can overcome incidents and the aftermath safely, easily and quickly, while winning their customers’ trust.”

Agero reports that Driver360’s crash detection and distracted driver machine learning algorithms combine data from extensive in-lab crash testing with natural consumer driving data collected from Agero’s nine-month MileUp mobile app research and development study. Launched as a crowdsourcing platform, MileUp captured over three billion miles of real-life crash and driving data through sensors available in a smartphone, according to the vendor. That data, validated and verified against over 475 corresponding police reports, insurance claim submissions and accident photos, as well as video footage from the MIT Autonomous Vehicle Technology study, confirmed detection of over 95 percent of crashes where an airbag was deployed and 88 percent of accidents requiring a tow, evidencing reliable accuracy when it’s needed most to save lives.

With that level of functionality, Driver360 may be able to not only reduce crash risk and increase driver safety, but enable cost savings and improve the customer experience for insurance and automotive organizations, the vendor asserts.

Once a crash has been detected, Driver360 triggers a downstream FNOL process providing insurers with greater visibility into the accident scene, according to Blecher. Data about the event is available via crash report or dashboard experience and provides data on accident location, GPS latitude / longitude / altitude, speed, and other information for faster claims processing. In addition, by using Agero’s Accident Scene Management services and vast service provider network for primary tow from the scene, insurers can realize hundreds of dollars in savings from storage, secondary tow, rental days, etc.

Individualized Scoring and Feedback

As industry competition increases, insurers must leverage opportunities for differentiation, opening new lines of revenue and increasing profit margins, Blecher opines. “An accident is often a policyholder’s first interaction with their provider; Driver360 enhances this touchpoint, providing critical emergency response in a customer’s time of need—ultimately improving retention,” he comments. “Further, Driver360 enhances the appeal of a master insurer app by enabling family safety services, such as teen monitoring. And, because Driver360 tracks a full range of driving behaviors, including distracted driving, speeding, acceleration, braking and cornering, it can provide drivers with individualized scoring and feedback about their driving behavior and style. This data can also be used by to assess the crash risk of a specific driver.”

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