AgencyPortal V 4.6 Adds Responsive Web Design, Improved Account Management

Agencyport says that it has responded to customer/user feedback to provide a more mobile experience on a par with that offered by retail industries such as airlines or banks.

Agencyport Software has announced the immediate availability of AgencyPortal 4.6, which includes responsive web design (RWD) capabilities and major enhancements to the solution’s Account Management feature. The vendor describes the solution as a platform for insurance companies offering self-service portals to their retail agents, customers, brokers, MGAs and policyholders.

AgencyPortal 4.6’s Responsive Web Design (RWD) capabilities enable carrier portal designs to auto-adapt to different devices, according to an Agencyport statement. With flexible images and fluid grids, content and layout automatically resize to fit the screens of whatever devices agents are using, creating what the vendor calls a consistent experience across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Allan Egbert, Agencyport Software.

Allan Egbert, Agencyport Software.

“The increasing proliferation of tablets and smartphones in the workplace has brought with it a variety of screen sizes; we build for all of them,” comments Allan Egbert, CTO, Agencyport Software. “The feedback we’ve been getting from both carriers and agents is A) more of their business is being conducted away from their desks, and B) they’re frustrated when they don’t get the same quality of web experience conducting business with carriers as they do conducting personal transactions—say with airlines or banks.”

Customer/user feedback has driven major improvements to AgencyPortal’s Account Management capabilities, including the following, according to the vendor statement:

  • A new and powerful search platform that makes it easy for agents to pull up their customer’s account.
  • A new dashboard that provides a single place for users to maintain account information and add a policy, endorsement or claim to an account.
  • Enhanced support for uploads, which is designed to allow the agent to upload a work item directly to an account.


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