AgencyBloc Launches Life & Health Growth Enablement Solution Suite

The company characterizes the launch as the fruit of an internal transformation to create a solution that goes beyond traditional agency management systems. 

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AgencyBloc, provider of solutions to the health, senior, and benefits industries, has launched the Plus Suite, which the Cedar Falls, Iowa-based vendor calls a growth enablement solution suite. The company characterizes the launch as the fruit of an internal transformation to create a solution that goes beyond traditional agency management systems. In conjunction with the Plus Suite launch, AgencyBloc is debuting a new logo and branding.

Erica Kiefer, Chief Growth Officer, AgencyBloc.

 “The Plus Suite ushers in a new era of innovative features and enhancements, reshaping the landscape of agency management, commissions, and quoting into a seamlessly integrated growth enablement experience,” an AgencyBloc statement says. 

The vendor notes that traditional agency management systems  typically lack many modern communication and compliance capabilities, such as voice over internet protocol (VoIP), texting, video conferencing, and automated compliance management. AgencyBloc says its Plus Suite seamlessly delivers these modern features while enabling growth for all distribution partners including insurance marketing organizations (IMOs), field marketing organizations (FMOs), general agencies (GAs), retail agents, and carriers.

AgencyBloc’s Plus Suite solutions include the following as described by the vendor:

  • AMS+ — a scalable, insurance-specific management system that helps large independent insurance agencies, IMOs, FMOs, and GAs ensure compliance and accelerate growth. 
  • Commissions+ — powerfully links agents, policies, and commissions data together to drastically reduce time spent processing, quickly identify missed commissions from carriers, pay producers accurately, and effectively analyze data.
  • Quote+ — bridges the gap between carriers and brokers by providing brokers the ability to compare carrier quotes in one central place for all types of small group health insurance offerings, including both community-rated and underwritten medical products as well as ancillary.

    Robert Burns, Chief Product Officer, AgencyBloc.

 “The Plus Suite represents years of analyzing market trends and industry demands,” comments Bob Burns, Chief Product Officer, AgencyBloc. “By bringing these products together on a single platform, we are now positioned to not only provide a better experience to agents and brokers, but expand growth capabilities to the entire life and health ecosystem.”

Evolution from Single Product to Multi-Product Solution

“This exciting launch represents AgencyBloc’s evolution from a single product brand to a multi-product solution provider enabling growth across the health and benefits ecosystem,” comments Erica Kiefer, Chief Growth Officer at AgencyBloc. “In order to communicate the significance of this transformation, a refresh of our existing brand was in order. Our new branding is also a part of our complete website overhaul, facilitating solution exploration and educational content for all facets of the industry.”

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