Accelerant Launches the Accelerant Risk Exchange for Specialty Underwriters

The platform connects specialty underwriters with a hand-selected cadre of capacity providers, buttressed with the long-term capacity guarantee from Accelerant-owned insurance companies.

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Accelerant (Atlanta), an InsurTech dedicated to empowering underwriters with risk exchange and data analytics coupled with long-term capacity commitments, has announced the launch of its Risk Exchange with the stated goal of further supporting specialty underwriters and drive profitable growth. The Accelerant Risk Exchange, now in beta, is available to member specialty underwriters, insurers, and risk capital partners, according to a statement from the company.

Jeff Radke, CEO and co-founder, Accelerant.

“From the beginning, we’ve asked ourselves, ‘How can we do more to make our Members successful?’ comments Jeff Radke, co-founder and CEO, Accelerant. “At the end of the day, our Members succeed when they are able to pursue all of the opportunities available in their markets. That’s only possible when they have full data transparency, great analytics for underwriting—and long-term capacity. That’s why we’re proud to unveil the Risk Exchange, which represents an important part of delivering prearranged capacity solutions for all of their business–current and future. By enabling our Members to access a number of different capacity providers along with Accelerant to best match the opportunity, our aim is that Accelerant Members never have to worry about capacity again.”

Accelerant was founded in 2018 with the stated aim of supporting the specialized underwriters that underpin the global economy with a transparent, data-driven approach to analytics; superior portfolio management; and long-term capacity. “While specialty underwriters have historically found their capacity relationships subject to the whims of incumbent players, with little control over their destiny or growth potential, Accelerant’s approach has resulted in Members being able to grow their revenue at an average annual rate in excess of 30 percent,” the Accelerant statement says.

Accelerant describes the Risk Exchange as a platform that connects specialty underwriters with a hand-selected cadre of capacity providers, buttressed with the long-term capacity guarantee from Accelerant-owned insurance companies and the high-touch Accelerant service model. It provides a variety of capabilities, including the following, as described by Accelerant:

  • Access to a wide range of risk capital: The Risk Exchange provides access to a wide range of risk capital, from institutional investors to insurance companies. This allows specialty underwriters to find the capacity they need to write the risks they want.
    ● Data-driven underwriting: The Risk Exchange uses data to provide underwriting insights that help specialty underwriters make better decisions—data that can be used to assess, price, and manage risk.
  • Portfolio management: The Risk Exchange provides tools that help specialty underwriters manage their risk exposures. This can help specialty underwriters reduce their risk and improve their profitability.

The Risk Exchange is a natural continuation of Accelerant’s support for its members. In 2020, Accelerant forged long-term reinsurance support for its members’ businesses. In 2022, Accelerant announced the creation of Flywheel Re, a path for its members to access capital from institutional investors. The company calls the Risk Exchange a significant milestone, giving Members access to broader capacity and tools to grow their business, reduce risk, and improve profitability.

“We’ve long sought to realign incentives so that insurance works better for everyone,” comments Matt Sternberg, COO, Risk Exchange. “The Risk Exchange gives us the ability to introduce additional capacity for our Members, where every single Accelerant Member still retains the long-term capacity guarantee from the appropriate Accelerant-owned insurance company. This is a remarkable paradigm shift for the industry.”

Innovative Risk Exchange Model

Josh Koppel, Founder and Program Head, Kube Risk.

“We are excited to expand our strong partnership with Accelerant through the innovative risk exchange model,” comments Josh Koppel, Founder and Program Head, Kube Risk. “Having the opportunity to both extend our long-term commitment as well as be provided with additional capacity will help us continue executing on the long-term vision we share for our business with consistent support from the same talented group of experts that have been instrumental in our success to date.”

Accelerant says the Risk Exchange represents the culmination of years of work and interest in building a better way for the insurance industry to operate. “The Risk Exchange powers connections across the entire specialty insurance value chain, aligning policyholders, distribution, underwriters, and risk capital providers within a single platform,” the company’s statement says.

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