When It Comes to Data Migration, the 80/20 Rule Applies

Roughly 20% of your data “pea pods” will contain peas that cause all sorts of migration problems. A good migration utility, however, can quickly make those peas sweet and help the whole data transition go down smoothly and efficiently.

5 Best Practices for Successful Technology Deployment

Failed technology initiatives are legendary in the insurance industry, but embracing deployment best practices will ensure successful initiatives in the face of limited resources and the rapidly changing technology and regulatory landscapes.

CIO Survivors: Insurance IT Leaders Who Have Endured, and Why That Matters

Depending on the circumstances, a short CIO stint may be the best option for both the carrier and the executive in question. However, as we explore in this first issue of Insurance Innovation Reporter, there are significant advantages to CIO longevity and major disadvantages to short CIO tenure.

Booz Allen’s Top 7 Financial Services Cyber Security Trends for 2014

Senior executives and boards of directors of financial services companies are far likely to include information security and cyber attacks among their priorities today. Booz Allen recommends that they take note of seven cyber security trends that that could affect their businesses during 2014.

6 Tenets of TCO for Core System Modernization

All too often insurers enter a transformation project with a set of established goals in mind but fail to think about the long term costs associated with these projects such as data conversion, maintaining legacy systems prior to sun-setting and core upgrades.