Editorial Calendar

2018 Insurance Innovation Reporter Editorial Calendar

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MARCH: Insurance Accelerators and the InsurTech ecosystem. What’s happened since the dawn of InsurTech? How far have we gotten in the shift of insurance innovation to entrepreneurial companies they invest in? What roles do the players fulfill in fostering the development of startups, from carriers to accelerators to venture capitalists? How well do insurers now consume emerging technologies?

APRIL: Planning the Future of Insurance Data: Innovation, InsurTech and customer experience have dominated the insurance technology conversation in the last few years, but the biggest issue that lurks behind them all is data. The dream of competing on data is coming true, for better or for worse. How are insurers planning to develop their advanced analytics applications and skills, their internal data processing capabilities, and their ability to identify critical external data sources? Who are important vendors of new data sources and advanced analytic solutions.

MAY: Four Star Awards—Focus on Latin American Insurance IT Executives:  Insurance Innovation Reporter celebrates Latin America’s most innovative insurance technology visionaries. We call on vendors, consultants and carrier colleagues to inform us about the most dynamic insurance executives in the region who are successfully using technology to advance their companies’ business goals. Nominations now open.

JUNE: The Rise of AI. Artificial Intelligence looms as perhaps the greatest technological advance since the Internet; some see it as the next Industrial Revolution. What are the various technologies that fall under the term AI, and which areas of insurance will it affect? What progress have insurers made in exploring and adopting AI? Which areas of insurance will be most impacted in the shorter and longer term?

JULY: Core Platform Update: Is 2018 the year of the platform? How are core system vendors evolving their main system offerings and their digital and data capabilities? How should insurers looking to advance in their digital journey think about the core systems market? What are vital considerations that should inform their major investments in core systems?

AUGUST: Blockchain Status Check: We appear to be past the first wave of hype; where do we now stand in adopting blockchain for use in the insurance value chain? Is it really a big deal for insurance? What lines of business are likely to benefit most, and how? Where will the early successes appear? What’s the longer-term picture for blockchain in insurance?

SEPTEMBER: Drones and Emerging Claims Technology: Digital claims technologies not only driven efficiency but speed the resolution of claims—which both fulfills the promise to the customer and reduces costs associated with protracted claims settlement. How is the claims experience changing with the introduction of capabilities such as mobile apps that speed FNOL through customer involvement? How well are insurers keeping customers informed during the claims process, and what is maturing claims technology teaching us about how customer want to interact during the claims process. Drones not only speed important claims processes but also reduce the risk of injury to adjusters, particularly during catastrophes. How much are drones helping the insurers who use them? How are drones performing on the front end of the insurance value chain, e.g., for property inspection?

OCTOBER: Customer Experience: Insurers continue to strive toward customer centricity. What are some of the most important technology capabilities to realizing a compelling customer experience? What are some of the remaining impediments to success, including systems issues, cultural and process issues, and questions relating to magnitude of investment and implementation risk? What are examples of the best customer experiences in insurance and what makes them so? How might voice-related and other technologies be changing the fundamental aesthetic of the customer interface?

NOVEMBER: Shift to the Cloud: Is the cloud the future of insurance infrastructure? Is it the buy-vs-build of the 20-teens? What’s the prospect for core systems being implemented in the cloud? What are the chief gains to be made from shifting core systems to the cloud—e.g., efficiency, stability, better upgrade path—and just how much is to be gained? What factors either counsel against the migration of core systems to the cloud or are simply impediments slowing carriers’ move? How much does it matter that systems be cloud-native versus adapted to the cloud? Who are some of the top vendors offering cloud-based core suites?

DECEMBER: 2018 Wrap-Up/IoT Adoption Trends: The Internet of Things may be the coolest technology trend of all. As such, it’s probably the most hyped as well. So far practical adoption of IoT has largely been directed at customer engagement. What are examples of IoT for customer engagement, for P&C, life and health? What’s the future for IoT beyond engagement and into underwriting and risk mitigation? How is IoT helping workers’ comp carriers and their customers? If the promise of IoT is to introduce loss control into personal lines, then IoT has the potential to revolutionize commercial lines loss control. Who are the pioneers in this area?

JANUARY 2019: Trends 2019. What to expect in the coming year. How did last year’s predictions pan out? What surprising outcomes or changes of direction have begun to emerge? What trends have slowed down or sped up? What will be the biggest investment areas for carriers in 2019.

FEBRUARY 2019: Telematics: While initially slow to get off the ground, telematics is now one of the hottest areas in personal lines insurance. Where do insurance carriers stand in their use of telematics for usage-based insurance (UBI)? How would you describe the progress of insurers, the difficulties they are still tackling, and what potential solutions are in having more effective telematics-powered UBI programs? Where does the device question stand—onboard equipment, dongle or smart phone? How are insurers and telematics solution providers collaborating with auto manufacturers? What are the implications of the telematics wave for the future of IoT in insurance?