Econiq Adds Visual Features to The Conversation Hub to Guide Customer Conversations

The solution allows insurers to capture the conversation behaviors of their most successful frontline employees, and then encourage those behaviors in all frontline staff.

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Econiq (Dublin) has made enhancements to its The Conversation Hub solution designed to simplify and guide high-value, complex conversations with customers. The solution allows insurers and other financial institutions to capture the conversation behaviors of their most successful frontline employees, and then encourage those behaviors in all frontline staff to foster a consistently high level of quality to the omnichannel customer experience, according to the vendor.

Jim Callan, CEO, Econiq.

Jim Callan, CEO, Econiq.

The enhancements to The Conversation Hub include the launch of Conversicons—color-based characters that model the behaviors of the top-performing employees and snap onto the system, guiding every employee through the various customer conversations as they occur across every channel—social media, face-to-face, voice-to-voice and online, the vendor reports. Through each exchange, Conversicons prompt employees to take specific actions with each customer, maximizing opportunities and delivering a richer overall customer experience while ensuring that all information is accurate and compliant.

Econiq has also added Conversation Intelligence Picture, a color-coded map generated by The Conversation Hub that provides management with individual customer conversation-level visibility, as well as real-time access to unique, actionable insights that facilitate continuous learning.

Saying the Right Thing at the Right Time

“In the real world, employees are multitasking; they’re managing relationships at many different levels and navigating various systems and the most successful ones can do all these things and still have quality conversations with customers,” comments Jim Callan, CEO, Econiq. “The enhancements to The Conversation Hub allow banks and insurers to identify the best behaviors and replicate them across the entire workforce so that all employees are saying the right thing at the right time and in every channel. Making these insights actionable simultaneously drives economic value and delivers a richer customer experience.”

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