Q&A: Prudential Annuities CMO Rodney Branch on Marketing in the Digital Age

Prudential Annuities’ new chief marketing officer talks about the challenges of reaching today’s customers, and the new ways of doing so enabled by personalization, omnichannel service, data, and the tools and messaging that can make complex products intelligible to consumers.


MetLife Auto & Home Xcelerate Workplace Platform Speeds Sales

The platform exemplifies a new way of doing business: having the ability not to have to ask questions of customers but rather just verifying data—and in this case binding policies in under two minutes.


Q&A: Luis Gomez on Jackson National Life’s Digital Distribution Strategy

Insurance Innovation Reporter recently spoke to Luis Gomez, VP of Marketing and Digital Strategy for Jackson National Life Distributors about the company’s new mobile apps and their place within Jackson’s distribution strategy and concept of customer experience.