John Hancock’s Vitality Program: SVP Brooks Tingle Talks Wearable Devices

Observers of John Hancock’s innovative program have focused on data collection, but Vitality shows how the Internet of Things supports the future of the life insurance customer relationship as a high-touch partnership of shared interest in the policyholder’s well-being.


Q&A: Principal Financial Group CMO Beth Brady on Customer Experience

The Principal’s new website represents a first step of several planned for enhancing customer experience in order to engage consumers more closely, educate them about products and give them the support they need to make informed financial decisions.


American Family Insurance’s Homeowners Strategy: IoT-driven Proactive Protection

The carrier’s Proactive Home Protection discount represents an early stage in American Family’s exploration of the potential of the Internet of Things for significantly reshaping the value proposition of homeowners’ insurance—and the insurer/policyholder relationship itself.


Q&A: Prudential Annuities CMO Rodney Branch on Marketing in the Digital Age

Prudential Annuities’ new chief marketing officer talks about the challenges of reaching today’s customers, and the new ways of doing so enabled by personalization, omnichannel service, data, and the tools and messaging that can make complex products intelligible to consumers.