Live Webcast: From Tactical Flexibility to Strategic Agility: Core Systems as Insurance-as-a-Service

The maturity of modern insurance core systems has begun to provide revolutionary options for insurers in all lines of business across life & annuities and property/casualty. System investment choices are shifting from the tactical advantages of configuration vs hard-coding to the options that provide strategic agility. Carriers must now ask what is the proper mix of on-premise Read More »

Archived Webcast: Crossing the Digital Frontier in Insurance Customer Service

No part of the insurance value chain is as urgently in need of transformation as customer-facing capabilities. Consumer behavior is evolving rapidly along with the devices that are increasingly part of their lives, but insurance processes are slow to abandon paper-driven, discontinuous processes that require manual intervention, inconvenient handoffs and delays. What insurers increasingly need Read More »

Archived Webcast: INNOVATION AS A WAY OF LIFE — Institutionalizing Agility with Flexible Core Systems

For insurers, the concept of agility has meant implementing capabilities that enable the execution of specific tactical objectives within a faster time frame than was previously necessary. However, agility has proven to be a moving target itself, as the pace of business continues to accelerate. More than just executing specific objectives more quickly, insurers must Read More »

Archived Webcast: Big Data Analytics for Higher Business Return

In a world of anytime/anywhere computing, vast new amounts of data are being created via mobile devices, social networking and the Internet of things. That data is valuable to insurers for building better predictive models for a variety of purposes, including customer acquisition and retention, product cross-sell and up-sell, policy risk management and rating, and Read More »

Archived Webcast: De-Risking Large Core System Replacements: Featuring 3 Keys to CSAA’s Success

  Policy administration legacy system replacement remains a critical objective for insurers large and small. The ability to provide the capabilities that customers and distributors demand and which emerging data-related competitive activities and decision-making will depend, requires a systems upgrade. However, industry research shows that only 30 percent of these projects deliver on-time and on-budget. Read More »