Four Major Trends to Reshape Insurance Analytics for 2018

Insurers need to shift from being data “smart” to being able to run intelligent operations that evolve over time and support data-driven decisioning throughout the entire value chain.

The Changing Landscape of InsurTech Funding

We may see an even larger wave of InsurTech capital in the coming years, continuing the upward trend in overall market funding, which has increased for six straight years.

How Artificial Intelligence Can Power Insurers’ Digital Future

When discussing artificial intelligence CIOs often describe the opportunity to automate manual tasks, to replicate tasks with machine learning, and to produce recommendations based on learned behavior, but there is much more insurers can do with AI, even in the near term.

Who’s Doing What in Insurance Blockchain?

As in the case of other industries, the majority of large insurance incumbents are banding together into consortia to experiment with blockchain.