What Should Insurers Do about Amazon?

It’s reasonable to fear the competitive power of Amazon, but here are some questions you should ask yourself in order to formulate your strategy in a world where Amazon may become an insurance industry player.

Emerging Tech in Insurance in 2018

Technology changes faster than culture and practice at most insurance companies—insurers that want to fully leverage the capabilities enabled by emerging technology should look at their products and processes in the light of new technical, market, and customer realities.

Is 2018 The Year Insurance Unlocks IoT and AI?

Insurers’ challenges are related to larger data volumes, the speed of the data, the complexity of the data, and also the need to turn this data into insights that improve workflow and have a positive impact on customer experience. 

5 Reasons Insurance Data Demands Digital Transformation

Despite being slow to change and often hindered by legacy IT and regulation, insurers must catch up to other industries to build resilience into their systems and become data-driven businesses.