The Cost of Procrastinating for Insurance Innovation

While a conservative approach can serve business well in some circumstances, in the current climate too much caution could lead to insurers being replaced by forward-thinking competitors and newcomers.

Back-End Data Will Make or Break Customer Experience

The real revolution in customer experience, and the real payoff of modern core systems and data capabilities, will come when the company and the back office processing are organized in a way that enables a full engagement of the back-end with the front end.

Insurance Enters the Engagement Era—Are You Ready?

Continuing to rely on systems and technology from previous eras won’t ensure the desired ultimate results—growth, competitive advantage, loyal customers and productive employees.

PdM: The Next Stage of IoT-Driven Insurance

Sensor-driven predictive maintenance (PdM) is an ongoing maintenance approach that does away with the “run to failure” mentality that costs both insurers and manufacturers money.

Three Approaches to Artificial Intelligence Value

Three ways AI will enable insurers to derive new insights out of the immense quantities of data captured via IoT devices and stored and manipulated within a big data environment.