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5 Reasons Chatbots Will Disrupt the Insurance Industry

Chatbots have proved very useful to insurance organizations as they help them to achieve effective customer engagement, to explain complex products, to improve sales and distribution, and allow fast and contextual access to information.

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Munich Re Shows the Way on Insurance Disruption

Bought By Many is the latest distribution disruptor whose products are underwritten by Munich Re, which is also heavily invested in the Internet of Things for insurance.

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The Key to (Small) Project Management: Keep it Simple

There are ways to apply some of the best practices from larger project efforts to smaller projects, while not burdening smaller projects with unnecessary bureaucratic overhead.

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Gamification: the Digital Discipline Driving Engagement in Insurance

Gamification has helped insurers better fulfill the needs of their customers and move away from conventional enterprise communications, and towards personalized, engaging interactions, but insurers must keep sight of its business purpose.