The Blockchain Future: Part One

Many insurers may not be able to adopt blockchain in time to retain a competitive advantage, so it’s imperative that every company has a blockchain game plan—and the sooner, the better.

P&C Personal Lines Transformation Hits Its Stride

P&C personal lines are hitting mid-stride in the transformation journey, with plans to accelerate execution as they shift toward the true transformational types of initiatives.

Five Predictions for P&C Insurance in 2019

Several technology trends that have already started to reshape the property/casualty insurance industry over the past couple of years will likely mature and transform the landscape in 2019.

Insurers Need to Unlock Value in Old, New Data Assets

Businesses that embrace this new world of harnessing all their data will unlock value that would otherwise be lost. They will also better serve their customers and shareholders and withstand an onslaught of digitally-native competitors.

Data the Star at CES 2019: What That Means for Insurance

Insurers will have access new data sources and analytics tools available for risk assessment and risk management, increasing exposure to cyber risk, and new ways to communicate with customers and partners.