Losing the Emotional Connection In Life Insurance

Life insurance consumers increasingly don’t value or connect with their carriers, and current technology trends won’t help. Left unchecked, this problem will make it difficult for the industry to fend off challenges from more emotionally-savvy competitors.

New Entrants in Insurance: Industry Transformation Accelerates

It is not as if there have never been new entrants or that companies from other industries have ignored insurance, but the flurry of new activity and innovative partnerships, investments, and market approaches may represent a bigger trend.

How Insurers are Implementing Drones for Hurricane Season

Some of the largest insurers are using end-to-end drone solutions, intelligence tools and detailed plans for deployment in order to get ahead of storms like Florence and streamline the claims process.

Claims is a People Business: The New Definition

Claimants’ desire to connect with a person who can reassure them that they will be made whole again is unlikely to go away, but technology can inject new efficiencies into human processes.