Latest Insurance Technology – Only as Good as the Provider

To select the best technology solution, each insurer should carefully consider its specific business needs to determine the solution fit and then take a good look at the technology provider expected to stand behind the solution and the value promises.


3 Critical Steps for Improved Health Insurance Customer Experience in 2015

Health insurers seeking to differentiate from the competition in 2015 with an enhanced customer experience will be looking for ways to leverage all of their data assets, economically and quickly while providing a universally valuable experience from the customer’s perspective.


The RFP Process , Valuable Evaluation Route or Blind Alley?

Instead of utilizing the flavor-of-the-month RFP methods, insurance technology officers should adopt a detailed strategy including trusted advisors, peer reference points, an incremental proof-point approach, and focus on the go-forward business strategy over a rear-ward conversion.


What’s the Most Important Word in Insurance?

Insurers successfully differentiate by what you do, which ultimately defines who you are, and why I should buy from you —not by largely undifferentiated advertising blather on TV, argues IIR contributor Ken Hittel.


The Case for Modern Core IT Systems for Reinsurers

Reinsurers who invest in a new core IT system designed for reinsurance will reduce costs while becoming more nimble in their operations, more flexible at responding to customer and market needs, and bettered aligned in their client communications.