The Case for Modern Core IT Systems for Reinsurers

Reinsurers who invest in a new core IT system designed for reinsurance will reduce costs while becoming more nimble in their operations, more flexible at responding to customer and market needs, and bettered aligned in their client communications.


5 Tips to Manage Your Impact as a Leader

As leaders, we are seen and viewed by what we say, what we do and where we place our attention. At times, we are very intentional in this. And at other times, we get careless.


IT/Strategy Alignment Checklist: 1. Define Where Technology Fits

We must be able to discern what role we are expecting technology to play within all of the projects and programs that constitute the enterprise’s strategic plan. With this understanding, we can establish the linkages necessary to inform technology direction setting.


The 3Cs of Insurance Customer Intimacy in the Digital Era

Technology is revolutionizing how insurers engage with policyholders, but that doesn’t mean that the need for a human touch is gone – in fact, insurers must be closer to their customers than ever before.