Modern Technology Can Tame the Wild West of Group Life Insurance

Group life is an industry reinventing itself, owing to the requirements of the ACA and Health Exchanges. Carriers forced in the past to build now have modern, configurable systems to help them respond to emerging opportunities.


Leadership as the Antidote to Project Failure: 3 Recommendations

 (Washington Crossing the Delaware, by Emmanuel Leutze, 1851. The Metropolitan Museum of Art.) During a recent conversation, a CIO was elaborating on his plans for change that lay ahead for his IT department. The program would tackle some very thorny issues of under delivery and poor IT reputation. To my question of capacity and capability Read More »


Time to Bring Reinsurance Management out of the Technology Dark Ages

(Visualization of Hurricane Floyd. Source: NASA.) Insurance makes the financial world go ‘round, and reinsurance makes insurance possible. Without it, the insurance industry would grind to a halt. Given how indispensable reinsurance is, it’s an astonishing how little attention most insurance companies have paid to automating reinsurance. Can you imagine an insurance company without a Read More »


Is it “Game Over” for Static Insurance Documents?

Consumers expect immediate interaction with information presented to them. Consequently, introducing elements of gamification in to insurance documents may be the single most effective way to improve customer relationship and loyalty.


This is the End, My Friend: Social Media is Dead, Sort Of

(All Hallows Church, Bispham, Blackpool, Lancashire. Photo credit: Belovedfreak.) You hadn’t heard? Oh, yeah, Social Media died (sort of) on May 19, 2014, when Scott Monty of Ford announced on his personal blog that he’s no longer “of Ford.”¹ Actually, I guess the official day of death was the next day, when Adweek broke the Read More »


Differentiate to Defy Commoditization in Insurance

Insurers seeking to avoid competition on price should look to other industries for examples of flexible product strategies and then implement the business and system capabilities needed to support execution.