Google’s Impact: How Profoundly Will The Insurance Landscape Be Reshaped?

This week marks the 35-year anniversary of the great eruption of Mt. St. Helens, an event which may serve as a metaphor for disruption in the insurance industry: The experts new it was coming but they seriously underestimated its magnitude. The event blew well past the danger zone calculated by geologists, destroyed huge amounts of Read More »


Data Mastery Unlocks Value in Insurance Data

Insurers must now aggressively begin to master current “small data” challenges before Big Data overtakes projects and initiatives within the company.

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Underwriting Technology Matures: The Birth and Rise

Today’s underwriting leaders are recognizing that the next generation of underwriting talent will grow and thrive not by the oral history passed along from the prior generation, but by the ability to provide an environment fueled by superior rules, insight-driven analytics, real-time collaboration and faster execution.


Using Machine Learning to Curb Insurance Claims Leakage

Machine learning allows the breakthrough leap from a claims leakage process that is reactive to one that is proactive—potentially leading to enormous potential savings.