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Anadolu Insurance Hits Modernization Milestone with Sapiens Implementation

Anadolu.HQMay 27, 2015 // Anadolu’s rollout of Sapiens modules for P&C insurance is part of a legacy system replacement and transformation effort that seeks to streamline processes, increase product speed-to-market, increase agents’ efficiency and improve the user experience for all stakeholders.

May 27, 2015

Frank Winston Crum Selects Valen Analytics for Underwriting Simplicity

May 26, 2015

OnSource Adds Smart Picture Technologies Capabilities to Photo Inspection Service

May 25, 2015

PMA Insurance Group Consolidates Billing on OneShield Platform

May 25, 2015

MetLife Clarks Summit Office Redesigned to Attract Technology Talent

May 21, 2015

Google’s Distribution Disruption: Insurers Must Be Where the Customers Are

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Q&A: HSB CEO Greg Barats on the Engineering-Focused Insurer’s investment in the Internet of Things

Sultana.hi.resApril 28, 2015 // The Hartford Steam Boiler Insurance and Inspection Company was founded in 1866 in response to the dangers raised by the transformative power of steam. Today the company is acting on the opportunities and risks of the Internet of Things.

MetLife Auto & Home Xcelerate Workplace Platform Speeds Sales

Dollarphotoclub_79605862April 13, 2015 // The platform exemplifies a new way of doing business: having the ability not to have to ask questions of customers but rather just verifying data—and in this case binding policies in under two minutes.


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John Sarich
Anthony O'Donnell

Google’s Impact: How Profoundly Will The Insurance Landscape Be Reshaped?

Anthony R. O’Donnell Executive Editor, Insurance Innovation Reporter

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Live Webcast: Crossing the Digital Frontier in Insurance Customer Service

June 18, 2015 //

Archived Webcast: INNOVATION AS A WAY OF LIFE — Institutionalizing Agility with Flexible Core Systems

April 28, 2015 // Archived Webcast

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