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ROC-Connect Debuts Smart-Home-as-a-Service Insurance IoT Solutions Platform

ROC.ConnectNovember 24, 2015 // ROC-Connect’s SHaaS offerings enable the deployment of simple, low-cost, and scalable product/service bundles that pave the way to reduce the probability of damage and lower overall risks for home owners.

November 23, 2015

Chris Pinkerton Joins Intellect SEEC as Head of US L&A Business

November 19, 2015

Virtusa Allies with MetricStream to Deliver GRC Solutions

November 18, 2015

Winners of the 2015 ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge Straddle Past and Future

November 17, 2015

BOLT Boosts Personal Lines Offerings, Launches Mobile-Friendly Marketplace

November 16, 2015

Consortium Urges Insurers to Sell the Insurance Career to Millennials as Purposeful, Innovative

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Guidewire CEO Talks Insurance Disruption and the Evolving Role of Core Systems

17159November 25, 2015 // Marcus Ryu talks to IIR about the range of technology-driven challenges P&C insurers face, what these mean for product and business model innovation, and the role of core systems in a rapidly changing technology environment.

Promutuel Reinvents Application Training with e-Learning and Gamification

image003 (1)November 19, 2015 // Working with consulting partner V-NEO, the Quebec-based P&C insurer has developed an e-learning application that makes training easier and faster—and millions of dollars cheaper.


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Life Insurers: You Can Ignore Innovation, But It Won’t Go Away

Rob McIsaac Senior Vice President of Research and Consulting, Novarica

Efficiency and Fraud Detection: The Central Role of Telematics

Pravar Gautam VP, Sales, Scope Technologies.

Wounded Unicorns Don’t Mean the End of Disruption

Matthew Josefowicz President/CEO, Novarica
Syama.Sundar.TCS (1)

6 Ways Healthcare Organizations Can Optimize Data Security

Syama Sundar Global Lead, TCS Insurance and Healthcare

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Live Webcast: From Tactical Flexibility to Strategic Agility: Core Systems as Insurance-as-a-Service

December 10, 2015 //

Archived Webcast: Crossing the Digital Frontier in Insurance Customer Service

June 18, 2015 //

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Now is the Time to Redesign for Digital: Improve the Customer Experience with Multichannel Communications that Matter

CRM Might be the Swiss Army Knife of Sales Technology, but ARM is the Magic Bullet

Pre & Post Enrollment Materials Updates: 10 Solvable Workflow Challenges for 2016 Enrollment Season